Creating a table of contents

Adding a toc value in the page’s front matter will create a new side panel with entries (not automatic yet).

title: "My great page"
layout: "document"
- name: "Simple heading"
- name: "Very complicated heading with 20 numbers"
  link: "#complicated-heading"
Redundant link values
The website can generate heading IDs just like the Markdown formatter. So in most cases a link value is not needed. If you do change the heading ID, you can always include a different link.

Adding balloons

You can emphasize content intended to warn or inform readers by enclosing it in a balloon.

<!-- Small version -->
{% include balloon.html title="Imporant title" description="Small descrption." icon="bulb_16.png" %}

<!-- Large version -->
{% capture my_balloon_content %}
Here I can write lots of text without being squished in <b>one</b> line!
{% endcapture %}
{% include balloon.html title="Imporant title" description=my_balloon_content %}

Redundant icon names
You can omit the icon parameter from the include block if you just want it to be a warning icon. Otherwise you can specify a filename from the /assets/img/ directory.

Embedding threads

You can insert balloons referencing threads by using the following code:

{% include thread.html thread=ThreadId %}

Please note that for this to work you have to ensure that entries in files _data/users.yaml and _data/threads.yaml are existent, like from the following examples:

1: R.O.B. # UserId: Display name
2: # Id of the thread
  title: "Rules" # Title of the thread
  author: 1 # Id of the thread author

If everything has been followed you’ll see a balloon like this:


Caution: Embedding balloons in Markdown lists doesn’t work as it ends a list and starts it after the balloon, so it’s only advised to use it in paragraphs.